Varn (Red Kobold Artificer Historian) &

Dagger in Boot (Tabaxi Rogue)

It was meant to be a short trip to learn more of the cultures in that place, but my curiosity overtook me. On our trip to the Tabaxi village a black furred Tabaxi asked us to help him get through an ancient ruin so that he could finally be seen as a man. The others refused as they heard tales from the local goblin that the site was cursed, but that information only pushed me further. Imagine what the discovery would do for my reputation, I would be a legend.

I agreed to travel with the cat and only a few short hours later we stumbled upon it. It was a massive seal in the ground, it was made of bronze and had murals upon it from many different tribes, the murals were obviously warnings that any creature could understand. With no way to open it with our scrawny frames, I decided that the only way for us to achieve our goals was to blast the seal off its hinges, and so I did that act not knowing that I might have just doomed this new world.

It was a sheer drop down but luckily both me and my feline friend had rope so together we tied the ropes together and then tied the now doubled rope to a sturdy tree. The two of us descended the rope into this long forgotten vault of knowledge, around us dug into the walls were images of an ancient race praising their own technological and arcane might, it showed us magnificent inventions and my lust for knowledge increased tremendously. Below us we could see a room in the shape of a giant sphere, within the sphere was layers of forges jutting out of the walls. Below all of that was a hoard of inventions all neatly stacked around the main feature, a colossal brass golem. The thing was quite obviously this civilizations biggest accomplishment yet the thing didn’t feel quite right, resting on its massive forehead was a symbol that was quite obviously infernal even for the likes of me who never quite learned the language.

Lucky right below the last few feet of the rope was a bridge connecting two sides of the room, from that point we descended down a flight of stairs until we reached the bottom, there we searched for items that were light enough to bring back with us to the surface, yet still interesting enough to send more expeditions down to this marvellous place. Each of us found wondrous things, I found a manual detailing how to create magical turrets that would fire on their own, the cat found a brass hexagonal prism with intricate engravings on everyone of its twelve sides. As soon as we grasped our artifacts we could hear grinding of metal. To our shock (even though it should have been expected), the colossus awoke and slowly turned to us, red flames in its eyes. In pure panic the two of us bolted out of that place with speed neither of us had ever achieved before. Nearing the outside world we could see the thing begin to pull itself out of the sphere. So with great haste we fled to the Tabaxi village.

With great fear we told our story of the ruin and pleaded for the other academics to leave the continent. And so with my heroic beg we left the land, the cat alongside us. It all seemed well but then we spotted the golem descend into the deep sea below.

Olir Kurga (Aasimar Sorcerer)

Born in a small town orlir never knew his parents just working with the acolytes in the temple. 

What temple he didn’t know but this was life. 

People would come and go but he would just help  with his chores and cleaning.  After all they took him in and took care of him and helped him grow up. 

One day after years of being there he witnessed the selection ceremony. In which they brought up a young person and said some words and pressed a small bead to therefore forehead.  Most of the time nothing happened or maybe a small light would appear and then they would get trained or brought to a different temple. Or get sent home. 

So as time passed orlir pressed the temple acolytes for some information about where he came from or who were his parents, they told him his was dropped off and nobody knew. Then as always orlir asked if he could take the selection ceremony. They said not yet he had to get grownup so to speak. 

The temple acolytes were the worst. Always going on about rules and how to do things. Not all bad but at least they stuck to the right side. Always pushing people to do better and to get out from the shadows, he really admired that about them. Always walking into the dark places in life and helping others out. 

Orlir learned many skills from the acolytes such as cooking and mending. Some of them even had magic  that was a real treat to see that. 

Orlir smiled as he woke up. Man this is my day. My time to get the ceremony done. He had found out that this ceremony was on old ritual of choosing where life choose you for tasks. Some big, some small, others undecided. 

As He walked up said the words the acolytes pressed the bead into his forehead. Radiant light erupted thru his eyes,  burst open searing white hot light poured out. Soon after the acolytes gathered with orlir. He was asking what happened where am I going. All they told him was that he had been chosen for great things and off he went for training. He had been given quite a large sum of gold from the keepers there saying it was gifted to him when he was abandoned. 

Orlir went to the celestial temple in faerun. And told to meditate and train. 

He waited he listened he trained.

Slowly he could hear a guiding voice whispering to him, often in shadow, just when the light was running out. The voice spoke of ridding the lands of evil and purging the shadows of darkness. 

Eventually orlir trained and left and started his adventure and quest to help the people of this land. Looking for adventure and to help others out. 

Nirax (Circle of the Moon Druid)

Nirax was a young baby Kalashtar when he was dropped off at the temple on Ice Spire Peak. He ended up growing up as an orphan there learning the ways of the druid and the worship of the moon.

With a strong connection to nature, Nirax was always out in the woods watching and learning from nature. He saw the deer gain in population which caused more wolves to arrive. The wolves killed the deer and the wolf population grew smaller because of it. The deer population rose again and nature worked her delicate balance in all of her work. Nirax noticed and he paid attention.

Now grown up, Nirax wandered Faerun either by himself or sometimes with his friend Meriadoc who grew up at the temple with him as a fellow orphan.

Nirax believes firmly that all things must balance in the world. That is the ultimate law of nature and all other laws are useless compared to that. So Nirax pretty much ignored those laws and looked to help nature provide balance in the world. Ultimately that kept getting Nirax into trouble with the various factions who had these crazy silly things called laws. Nirax's patron was Eon, the god of balance.

Meriadoc Luckbringer (Human Cleric)

As a young boy, Meriadoc grew up with Nirax as a fellow orphan at a temple in ice Spire Peak. Unlike Nirax, Meriadoc was drawn to the Temple of Tymora in the city of Phandalin in the Sword Mountains.

Calder (Earth Genasi Ranger / Monk)

The mysterious Calder tracks the party in the City of Waterdeep until their world’s collide.