This small cute girl with a harsh accent has a knack for working with alchemicals and potions. She travels the lands with Dr Alec Dimitrov while hiding a shocking secret.

Dr Alec Dimitrov

Who needs a PHD when generational knowledge can be passed down. Alec Dimitrov is a doctare of medicine who travels the land with his friend Claudia. Together they try to discover the cure to the terrible disease known as weeping pox. Alec believes this discovery will transform his life … in more ways than one.


Is he a dog or is he a cat? Jess is transformed by a malevolent force into a gnoll causing his identity crisis. While figuring that out, he’ll just continue to rage and bash things over the head.


A musician with incredibly wide shoulders, John is sometimes known as John-Wide-Shady as he finds his place in the world.


A talented tailor, Liam accidently runs into the party during his travels as he tries to sort out his own secrets.


Growing up in the slums of the city of Altenheim in the Burach Empire, Tork always got into trouble stealing stuff. One night, Tork picked the wrong target.


Vestin is the best in fighting skills. His martial arts training has made his body a literal weapon.