GoGo DM Campaign 2 - The Mobius Chronicles

Join our party of adventurers from campaign 1 (Waterdeep Dragon Heist) as they uncover a dangerous threat against the entire world and beyond.

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Calypso Lochlann (Water Genasi Bard)

Calypso doesn’t remember her own past. She can’t recall the faces of her own parents or anyone important to her. In fact, one of her earliest memories is eating a fresh rat corpse out of some man’s garbage bins, and promptly being chased away by said man while he angrily waved a broomstick in her direction as she ran off. Perhaps some traumatic, or near-death experience washed her memory away to be the person she is now. Even so, she’s only ever been sure of one thing, and that is that her name is Calypso.

She has dreams sometimes. A vibrant forest of thin trees oddly swaying in the breeze. A shadowed figure reaching a hand towards her while nearby, the sound of a woman sobbing echoes in her ears. She remembers sitting up at the sandy shore of the City of Waterdeep. She sat in about four inches of water as the waves lapped up on her. Her hands dug into the sand on each side of her as she looked around confused. Her hands touched something metallic. Lying half buried in the sand was a beautiful silver trident. She’s kept it close ever since as she’s convinced that its both connected to her dreams as well as her forgotten past.

Erdan Caerdonel (Eladrin Arcane Cleric)

Born to Lelenia and Carric Caeronel in the City of Leuthilspar on the Isle of Evermeet 250 years ago, Erdan knew only of the Never Dying Lands. That soon changed after a long affair with a young elf named Lyanna. Her family of high birth had arranged for her to marry to another high born elf, Peren Aloro, of whom Erdan was a rival to in the Church of Corillon.

Lyanna and Erdan’s affair stretched over many years until the day of her wedding when Erdan was devastated that she would give her hand to this person which she hardly knew. To his horror, the wedding had been done using magic to force Lyanna into it. When Erdan caught wind of it, a fire burned in him to rectify the situation and he confronted Peren. Challenging Peren to a dual in secret, the two met, but Peren had made plans for Lyanna to witness the event in order for him to shame Erdan. 

Peren had never intended to have a fair fight and used a spell to control Erdan’s mind making him say words that would discredit him. But before Peren could land the killing blow, Erdan broke free of the spell’s effects and slew Peren with his own sword. Lyanna had run off to summon the guard in order to prevent Peren from killing her love, and they arrived just in time to witness Erdan removing his sword from the dead prince. For this act, Erdan was exiled from Evermeet and Lyanna was barred from seeing him ever again.

Hatch Dordman (Human Barbarian)

Hatch Dordman comes from a long lineage of doormen and women, those tasked with the ancient and Unappreciated duty of opening and caring for doors. Not the brightest (perhaps even dumb as a doornail), Hatch Dordman lives a simple life opening doors for people at the local grocery store, as part of his apprenticeship training to one day become a master doorman.

His father Port and mother Egress, are hard working doormakers in a small town called Hinge, but one day Port receives word that the city of Waterdeep has a store with legendary doors and sends his son Hatch on a journey.

Lucan Ofandrus (High Moon Elf Bladesinger)

Lucan is a high-elf born as a single child to a noble family in Myth Drannor in the woods of Cormanthor. He was raised by his uncle Lacuian since his parents were too busy governing. He spent most of his youth with his nose in books learning magic and does not have many people skills. Lucan was trained by his uncle to use a sword and to sing.

When Lucan was 80, his father sent his uncle off on a mission to kill an evil warlock named Eya and never returned. Lucan is consumed with finding his uncle but has no clues as to where he could be. He thinks his father may know more but without his respect, it is unlikely he will approve of him chasing after his uncle with the possibility of facing Eya.

Teodarh Stonefell (Shadar-Kai Swashbuckler Rogue)

One of many children. Youngest of many. Teodarh was always ambitious and jealous of his older siblings. Trying to out do then in whatever way he could. As he grew up he became more and more entranced by the shadowfell. The thought of being in service to the great raven queen. Oh the pure delight. It drove him to do many things to fail a thousand times and then a thousand more.

One day when on one of his many thoughtless journeys of playing for the raven queen he came upon the act of an ambush and hustle. Someone of nobility was being roughed up for money or something he wasn’t sure. But he just sat there entranced by the notion of these common poppers extorting money from this person. Oh and did he pay up. 

From then on not only did he start hiding & scaring his family and friends, he just ran around and took things. Random thing trinkets from people. He got caught. Punished, yelled at and pushed into a corner of his family where he was blamed for all. But one thing shone on in him. The thought of the great raven queen looking at him and him finding a way for his new found obsession in working for her. 

Revenant (Tiefling Monk)

As a Tiefling I stood out in the worst way. Being raised in Salesta, a town a few miles outside of the city of Cthorn, there were few options for a Tiefling. None of the guilds would hire one of infernal bloodline, let alone accept them as a member. Even the thieves’ guild would scoff at a Tiefling.

My original name was Resolve, my parents gave it 

to me in hopes it would instill the drive for me to succeed in this world of hardship. It worked, but maybe not in the way that it was intended. After being spurned, beaten, and ignored pursuing any half decent ambition, I gained a new resolve.

I would go on to join a gang of other rejects, many of which were Tieflings. Leaders had a fairly quick 

turnover rate, mostly due to getting caught or killed 

during a heist. Our creed was based on respect, and there was no respect given to a leader who stood on the sidelines.

After 5 years of heists, robberies, and the occasional escort job, I was given the post of leader. Now 22 years of age I knew I needed to show that I could lead, and that I could ensure the livelihoods of my new family. After consulting information brokers and greasing some law enforcement palms I had found what I had decided was a foolproof heist. The governor of the city of Cthorn was visiting the mayor of our town to discuss taxes, and other such political nonsense. Security would no doubt tighten up on this meeting. Which, would in turn loosen security at say, the town bank.

Unaware we were, or anyone for that matter, the mayor had been greasing some palms of his own. That is to say the governors palms.

We set out to complete the heist. Everything was right on schedule, no one was missing a beat. Lading the contents of the vault into a carts in the bank to be hauled away it happened. The mayor and governor turned up. Along with their personal guards, and a handful of the dirtiest officers of Salesta. Since the mayor’s dealings were also less than legal in nature, we couldn’t exactly be left alive. So we ran, or tried to. A handful were able to escape, including myself. Unfortunately it was not left at that. 

Any who escaped were hunted down, and if not found their families were incarcerated or killed until 

they came forward. My family was killed. Both my families were killed.

With nowhere to go I walked towards the mountains. Guilt and sorrow dragging behind me with every 

step. Having eaten little to nothing I collapsed days later near the Shior Mountains. I collapsed and lost 


A monk of the Order of the Dark Moon passing through to trade goods with a village not far from the base of the mountain stopped and proceeded to carry my seemingly lifeless body to the monastery at the summit of the mountain.

When I awoke I was in an empty stone room. It had a window, a door, and a rug, that was it. With hardly 

enough strength to move, all I could do was watch the shadows move across the walls and wait. Sometime later a monk entered the room with some soup, bread, and water. He used pillows to prop me up to eat.

Months went by and I became healthier, but no more interested in life. It took nearly a year of physical, and mental rehabilitation by the monks before I was even close to the way I was before. I began learning the ways of the Monks of the Dark Moon, who worshipped the goddess of loss. These teachings resonated within me, and led me to become a devout follower.  Training day and day out for years, I became an apprentice monk to the master at the monastery.

7 years of training went by. It was the peak of winter, snow covered the grounds. The bells rang three times signifying an enemy. I rushed to the entrance, along with my fellow monks. At the entrance was a group armed and in a defensive stance. From the group one man emerged. Many of the monks shared a look of astonishment, it was Cane, I hardly recognized him. He was an exile of 3 years.

He walked into the monastery grinning. “Hello, how I’ve missed you” he sneered. “What do you want Cane?” the master responded. “Is that any way to treat a guest?” Cane grinned, “you are no guest here, now I ask again, what do you want?”. “Why, a duel of course! I want to free these young minds you’ve trapped in your prison of thought”. They continued to talk, Cane approaching farther into the monastery. It wasn’t until Cane threatened to begin attacking the monastery indiscriminately that the master accepted the challenge.

They fought, it was amazing. Cane had obviously become incredibly strong during his time away from the monastery. It turned into a war of attrition, neither gaining any significant hold on the fight. In the end it came down to age, while Cane was in his early thirties, the master was well into his fifties. He began to tire and fade. The chants from the other monks had carried him this far, but it was not enough. Not only did Cane deliver the winning blow, but the final blow. He killed him. He killed our master.

We all stood there motionless, I could see Cane cheering and laughing, but I couldn’t hear anything. The sounds around me were drowned out by a horrible ringing sound. Filled with rage I stepped forward and challenged Cane. As I did, others stepped forward to challenge as well. Cane almost seemed to burst with joy.

We fought him one-on-one, he showed no mercy, leaving each completely incapacitated and near death, myself included. It was no close match. It was if he was playing. He then addressed the remainder of the monks explaining that he would be the new master, and that he welcomed any opposition at any time, but be aware of what awaited them. He ordered his men to “dispose” of the rest of us

We were tied up and thrown off a cliff. Most of us dead, and the remainder left to die. Three of us managed to survive and slowly remove each other’s restraints. By cooperation and luck we stabilized our wounds, and were able to make it to the nearby village. After a week of being hidden by sympathizers in the village we all met and decided on what to do next. We all agreed that Cane could not remain master. I proposed that we all make our way into the world to gain strength and experience, 

and meet up in 5 years’ time to remove Cane from power. This became our new meaning for living.

With new purpose I felt it was time for a new title. I donned the name “Revenant” as I began my new journey. Selt, Teph, and I parted ways the next morning.