GoGo DM - Phandelver & Below - The Shattered Obelisk

In the friendly town of Phandalin and surrounding areas, a mystery unravels that will put the entire region in danger.

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Fire Genasi Warlock

One day, Ember found an old brass bottle in his dead mother’s room hidden under one of the floor boards. Opening the bottle released a magical creature who in exchange for freeing him from the bottle, granted ember his warlock powers from his new patron … his father.


Bugbear Barbarian

As a bugbear that loved to cook, Gharr tried his best but he just smelled so bad that no one would let him cook in their kitchen. Frustrated, Gharr took up adventuring to let out his anger issues.

Lazarus Onyxhide

Earth Genasi Paladin

Lazarus was raised looking up to the heroes that defended the Dwarven Citadel Adbar in the north of Faerun. As early as he could, he joined as a paladin of the Lathander Sect in the city of Leilon as a member of the Aster. His dense skin and heavy weight gave him advantages in battle with his incredible strength and durability and eventually gave him the nickname “Lazarus the mountain”

Tor Blackthorn

Half-Elf Rogue

Growing up as the adopted son of merchant in the island town of Orlumbor, Tor learned the skill of sticky fingers. Getting in trouble almost everyday, Tor eventually found himself alone after his parents died of old age. He sold the family business and left to look for a new life of mischief and adventure and perhaps discovering some clues to his mysterious early past.