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D&D Arm Wrestling 

Foundry VTT Board Games v2.1

(Dungeon of Pillars, Arm Wrestling, Chess, Checkers, Backgammon)

Gogo DM Rules for my D&D Sessions (V3.2)

Perilous Pursuits Character Sheet (v2.3)

Perilous Pursuits Encounter Sheet (v1.0)

Perilous Pursuits Party Info Sheet (v1.0)

Perilous Pursuits Healing  Dice Potion Bottles

Printable Labels

Printable Red Circles

Bottles (Buy on Amazon)

Red 1d4 Dice (Buy on Amazon)

Red Paint (Buy on Amazon)

Paint inside bottom half of bottle with red paint. Print out red circles then cut them out and glue on to bottom of inside of bottle. Print out labels and glue on. Fill bottles with correct dice.

My custom made “Fate Lies Within” dice box

The Lair

Here’s my lair where my plans of character death and destruction are realized using Virtual Table Top (VTT). I’m using a 27" iMac on custom stand, 50" 4K TV with custom cut 1/8” polycarbonate screen protector, Arkenforge Master's Toolkit for maps (character/creature placement, fog of war, etc), a custom excel sheet for initiative/HP tracking, a Blue Yeti USB microphone for recording audio and the built-in MacOS screen recorder for recording what's happening on screen. I also have some Philips Hue lights controlled from my phone for lighting effects such as fire works, blue dim light for dungeons, red flickering light for lava areas.

Update (2020-Feb): Bought an Atolla 4 Port Powered USB hub for my Blue Yeti microphone because if the microphone was plugged directly into the computer’s USB port, the computer power supply providing USB power caused a lot of noise in the recordings. Also built a wooden kickstand in the back of the computer stand so I can use it more upright when needed.

UPDATE (2020-AUG): Bought a 16” MacBook Pro laptop and got rid of my iMac. Since most games are online now, I use the 50” TV as a second monitor and a HyperX headset with mic. I use Discord for game chat and screen sharing my Master’s Toolkit player Maps to my players. In Discord, I use the Rhythm Bot to stream background music to the players (check out our youtube channel for D&D music playlists to use with Rhythm Bot). I still use the built-in MacOS screen recorder for recording the screen but I now use Audio Hijack (highly recommended) for all my audio recording and to split the DM audio and Player/Music audio into separate audio files. I also use Audacity to normalize the volume in the recorded audio files.