Perilous Art

Waterdeep Dragon Heist Campaign Episode 04 - Taking Care of Business

The party was able to swindle a legendary door from the store Habdacker’s Portals. The door carries the sentient personality of the great Dwarf and master door-maker, Lopidus Habdacker who mysteriously found a way to imbue the door with his soul hundreds of years ago. The party was able to install the door at the entrance to their Trollskull Manor and reveal it at the grand opening to great success. The barbarian Hatch Dordman (a door aficianodo) was the first to speak to the door and made it his life mission to put his soul in a door like Lopidus had done.

Waterdeep Dragon Heist Campaign Episode 05 - The Unhindered Path

The tiefling monk Revenant finds the martial arts master Hlam in a cave in Mount Waterdeep. After a unique introduction, Hlam decides to train Revenant and presents him with a great gift…The Staff of the Unhindered Path. The staff had multiple abilities to transform and provide the monk with many options. Click on the staff below to download the item card.

The Menagerie Campaign Episode 02 - Nut Buddies

In their back and forth pranks of creating terrible necklaces for each other, Dagger gave Ondros the necklace below made of the stinky soles from a Paladin’s boot. It was made to represent a butterfly and Ondros’ connection to Larue….and it stunk like crazy. However, during a late night encounter with his goddess Larue in disguise as a unicorn, Ondros asked her to bless the necklace. Her blessing of the necklace made it become Ondros’ new spell focus and it also removed the stink. However, when Larue is not happy with Ondros, the stink returns.

The Menagerie Campaign Episode 06 - Escape from Neverwinter

Below is the magic feather that Ondros has that gives him the feather fall ability and makes the total weight of himself and his possessions only 10 lbs. In Neverwinter, Ondros had Orlir take the feather to a jeweller to create a special nose clip to attach it to his trunk. a small gold chain attaches the clip to the feather. The two coloured beads on the gold chain represent the two Ravnica moons Sanguine (blue bead) and Pecunia (red bead) reminding Ondros of his Ravnica home from long ago.

The Menagerie Campaign Episode 06 - Escape from Neverwinter

I wanted to use the “Escape From New York” movie poster starring Kurt Russel and modifying it to replace the characters with our party characters. I think it turned out great per the final version below.

below is the original Kurt Russell version movie poster.

The Menagerie Campaign Episode 09 - The Fall

One of my favourite player sessions and one of the more shocking episodes. The image is from the viewpoint of the bottom of the chasm looking up as Ondros and Kriv fall.